Business IT Services

In our years of experience in Business IT Support we have borne witness to many substantial problems, upon taking over the management of a company’s IT servicing -  downtime being the major culprit. Roaming Computer Technicians can bring you back from the brink of a disaster  where you will have been about to lose a week’s worth of work with due to a faulty flash stick, or a communication error with your network printer  not allowing your innumerably paged document into the queue and never printing. At Roaming Computer Technicians we understand that time is money and that these are situations your company can do without, but with which you deal all too frequently. With our dedicated Business IT services, as assured back up for your company, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that in a time such as this, you can call Roaming Computer Technicians


Our business IT services are specific to companies, large or small, who need reliable, ongoing IT support from efficient and knowledgeable technicians. Whether you need networking, a new router,  new laptops for your reps or simply help with a pesky printer not connecting to the shared server, we will maintain your Technological well-being.






Computer Networking is another of the services offered to our business clients,We offer:

      • Installation of Computer Network
      • Cable & WiFi Networks
      • Cat 5 Cable Suppliers & Installations
      • Setup Shared Devices
      • Intergration & Sharing of Network Resources
      • Server – Client Networks
      • ADSL Installations
      • Wireless Repeaters



      • Computer Parts and Accessories
        • Laptops
        • Desktops
      • Accounting Software,
        • Quick books
      • Graphic Design Software,
        • Adobe
      • Antivirus and Spyware Software
        • Norton
        • Kaspersky
        • Nod

We are happy to take on maintenance contracts, longer or short term, depending on company needs, We do also offer maintenance contracts for businesses looking for ongoing IT support that wont break the bank.

For more information or a quote, please email us or submit a request for contact with your subject header as Maintenance Contract.


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